How to organise accessories in compact room

New Delhi, June 26 (IANS) Cylindrical cardboard, roll of tissue papers or sweet boxes can be reused to organise your accessories, if space is a problem in your room.

Sakshi Monga, founder of lifestyle brand PrettyPleaseMe, shares how women can manage their accessories:

* Earrings: Instead of spending on lavish boxes, you can preserve beautiful wedding boxes with small sections (used to store sweets) to store earrings. It is best that earrings are not kept together as they are likely to get entangled.

* Make-up: Utilise the online shopping cardboard boxes for storing cosmetics. You can also place a newspaper in the cardboard. The boxes are steady hence, last long. When you change the house, then you can discard them.

* Bangles and neckpieces: Use hangers to store bangles and neckpieces. The neckpieces should not be stored together as they will get entangled. It saves space too as one hanger can be used to store many neckpieces.

* Hair bands: Use cylindrical cardboard roll of tissue papers for organising rubber bands that you have.

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