How to Send Cold Emails Without Spamming

How to Send Cold Emails Without Spamming

Are you afraid that your emails are going to be flagged as spam? This is the question that goes through every person’s mind that is involved in email marketing, after all, there are certain risks associated with sending cold emails. Cold emails are sent without any prior relationship or contact with the recipient, for the growth of the business. If you are afraid that cold emails will get you in trouble and will affect your business, you can always stick to traditional marketing a lot of people still refer to Kiasuprint for leaflets and brochures print marketing still exists and are still considering a primary source of marketing.

If you want to join the new generation digital era the following methods are going to help your cold emails from being flagged as spam;


If your email contains more links than relevant information, it is highly likely that it is going to be flagged as spam. It leaves the receiver annoyed. Try to include fewer links in your email while making it product or service oriented. This will help the customers be more engaged in the information, raising their interest. A maximum number of links that you should add in the email are two, not more than that.

Personalize the Email

Most of the people make the mistake of keeping the email subject line boring or random. A great way to catch the attention of the reader is by personalizing the email by using the recipient’s name in the email. Know that your subject line is very critical in grabbing the reader’s attention, so keep it short and make it business relevant. Make the receivers feel as if it is meant for them. If you are not comfortable with initiating cold emails let a digital marketing agency such as Mandreel undertake the task for you.

Track Open and Response Rates

Once you have started sending cold emails, it is time for you to keep a track on the open rates and response rates of your emails. The business insider claims hat email marketing is a great way to build relationships with clients.

Target the Right Customer Profiles

The key to running a successful cold email campaign is knowing your potential customers. This requires extensive research and figuring out a list of decision makers that would promote your business. First, idealize a customer profile and then find the people who fall into this profile. Finally, create a list of verified emails of probable decision makers.

Avoid Spammy Words

When an email sounds like too much of a sales pitch, it becomes uninteresting and as a result, goes into spam. Using spammy words in your email might get caught by the spam filters and end up in spam rather than the inbox. You need to learn how to create an email without sounding like a pushy sales person and once you can master this, your email marketing will see better results and desired outcomes.