Hundreds evacuated near Jerusalem after massive wildfire

Jerusalem, Aug 2 (IANS) Around 700 people were evacuated as dozens of firefighting teams struggled to gain control of a massive wildfire that broke out near Jerusalem on Sunday, officials said.

The fire broke out near Even Sapir on the outskirts of Jerusalem at noon, and spread towards Jerusalem, Xinhua reported.

“More than 40 teams and eight aircraft are at the scene,” a spokesperson for the fire service said.

Police evacuated around 700 residents of Even Sapir, after many homes caught fire. The main road between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv was briefly closed.

Two parking lots near the Hadassah Eyn Karem Medical Center were also evacuated, but police said there was no danger to the hospital itself.

Police said the blaze was apparently a result of negligence.

Last month, a large fire led to the death of 44 people.

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