Hungarian bus with refugees arrives at Austrian border

Vienna, Sep 5 (IANS) A bus carrying refugees from Hungary has arrived at the Austrian border, a media report said on Saturday.

Germany and Austria have agreed to allow refugees to enter their countries from Hungary.

Before consulting with his German counterpart Angela Merkel, Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann told Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Friday that the two western European countries would allow refugees to arrive from Hungary, Xinhua quoted the Hungarian News Agency MTI as reporting on Saturday.

Hungary, which has been witnessing severe crisis because of the influx of Syrian refugees, on Friday said it would send thousands of refugees by bus to the border with Austria.

Some buses filled with refugees left the Budapest Eastern (Keleti) Railway Station right after midnight and took them to the Austrian border.

“The Central Operative Corps of the Hungarian government will pick up the refugees and take them to the border at Hegyeshalom (village of Hungary bordering with Austria),” the minister in charge of the prime minister’s office, Janos Lazar, said at an unscheduled news conference on Friday.

As more and more Syrian war refugees have flocked in, Hungary has experienced a chaotic situation with hundreds of refugees walking along the motorway to Vienna and hundreds more camped out at the railway station, demanding to be allowed to travel to Germany.

The corps would send buses overnight to the Eastern (Keleti) Railway Station and to the refugees walking along the M1 motorway towards Vienna to offer to take them to the border crossing, Lazar said.

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