Hunsebettu, Kalthur residents stage Protest against crusher unit

Udupi: The functioning of a crusher unit in Hunsebettu, Kalthur will pollute Seethanadi River said Prashanth. He was speaking at a protest organized at Hunsebettu village against setting up of new crusher unit in the village here on March 19.

The stone powder and dust will pollute Seethanadi River, from which the water is being supplied to nearby villages for drinking. The area surrounding the crusher unit comes under the purview of Kudremukh Wildlife National Park. Endangered species are living in the surrounding area of the land leased for the crushing unit. The crusher unit will disrupt the functioning of school nearby.

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The area leased for the crusher unit is surrounded by 150 houses which will be affected during the stone crushing operations. People here are farmers and depend on agriculture, quarrying will lead to the destruction of fields.

He also said that the lease has been granted to the quarry owners while the environment and forest clearance certificate is kept pending. He urged the district administration to cancel the lease and prevent the quarry owner from operating the crusher unit.

The GP members present at the protest assured their support and said that the MLA has assured his support for closing down the quarry operations.

Later a memorandum was submitted to 38 Kalthur gram panchayat presidents.

Prashanth Kamath, Muddu Poojary, Raghu Nayak, Dr Sanjeev Shetty, Ravi Shetty and others were present.

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