I have Never Said ‘Mangaluru is Hell’ – Ramya

I have Never Said ‘Mangaluru is Hell’ – Ramya

Mangaluru: The Kannada Actress and former MP, Ramya arrived at the Ivory Towers to take part in a Programme at Kadri here on August 24.


Police escorted Ramya from the Airport as some people were planning to protest against her. People pelted Ramya’s vehicle with eggs and waved black flags at her at Maravoor.

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Police arrested all the protesters. Ramya was escorted with tight security to the Ivory Towers at Attavar.

Speaking to mangalorean.com Ramya said, “I never said Mangaluru is hell, it is a misleading headline by a local TV channel to mislead the people. I have never said that and will never say it. On the Earth, there is no place called hell. I don’t think that there is any place called hell in Mangaluru too. Why should I say hell to my own Mangaluru? I love Mangaluru and my memories are here in Mangaluru because I started my first election campaign in Mangaluru, moreover I have many friends here.”

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