I Quit BJP because It’s ‘One-man show and Two-man army’ – Shatrughan Sinha

I Quit BJP because It’s ‘One-man show and Two-man army’ – Shatrughan Sinha During Campaign for Mithun Rai

Mangaluru: Indian film actor and politician Shatrughan Sinha visited Mudipu to campaign for the coalition candidate Mithun Rai here, on April 14.

Shatrughan Sinha arrived at the airport at 6:45 pm. He later visited the temple in Mudipu. After visiting the temple, Sinha addressed the gathering at an election campaign programme in Mudipu. He was supposed to attend the election campaign programme at the Bayalu Ranga Mandira, Kadri but due to his busy schedule was not able to make it to the Kadri grounds.

At Mudipu, a large number of Congress party workers and the public had gathered to listen to popular film star Shatrughan Sinha. Addressing the gathering, Sinha said, “I am campaigning for the first time in Mangaluru. I have come here to campaign for Mithun Rai. I have recently joined the Congress party and was eager to meet you all.” Shedding light on why he left the BJP, he said, “I left the party because I believe in secularism and in respecting everyone equally. I have visited Pakistan several times as my sister lives there. I work with honesty and transparency.”

Shatrughan Sinha hit out at the BJP leadership, alleging that there was no place left for dialogue in the party anymore and that the party’s top brass “doesn’t value its own people and views opponents as their enemies”. “Senior party leaders are not being looked after by the party. In the BJP, democracy has slowly and surely turned into a dictatorship. The party has become a one-man show and a two-man army,” Sinha alleged.

Shatrughan Sinha further said, “I respect Modi. I worked with him when he was the CM. After he became the Prime minister, he has changed. Power has absolutely corrupted him. He now has a big ego. He has neglected everyone after becoming the PM. Today what is the position of Advani? Modi does not respect anyone’s opinion. Even if you do not want to follow anyone’s opinion, the least you can do is listen to them. After Modi began neglecting us, I decided to quit the BJP. How could I shut my mouth during demonetization? I was the first one to raise my voice because many innocent people died standing in the queues. Modi implemented a complicated GST through which the small businessmen lost everything. When people face problems, how can I keep my mouth shut? I have been elected by my people with the highest margin of votes. No leaders in the party were allowed to raise their voice against the demonetization or GST. For me, my country is greater than the party and I will raise my voice in favour of my country and the people.”

Shatrughan Sinha urged the people of Dakshina Kannada to elect Mithun Rai because “he is a well educated and able candidate to represent the people of Dakshina Kannada in the parliament”.

District Minister in-charge U T Khader, DCC President Harish Kumar, former MLA Shakuntala Shetty, Vijay Vittalnath Shetty, and others were also present.

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