I wish


The beginning of my poem is abrupt (usually endings are), hence would like to give my reader an insight into the whole situation. This is a reply written to a lover who says to his beloved that there are tears in his eyes everytime he thinks of her….. and he doesnt know why maybe because both of them are meant to be together but are not…. this is what the beloved replies………

The tears in your eyes say that you care
And that it?s not only a fleeting fancy that keeps me there???
In the valley of your thoughts, your dreams and your life,
Where you have suddenly discovered a cabin of hope
Where we share our thoughts and grow.
With each fleeting second, minute and hour??..
I am convinced of your existence?
Of who you are??..

A gift.
A joy.
A smile.
A tear.

I know what you are thinking
Even before you say that you are?.
I know that I am always on your mind,
Long before I have gone away??? afar.
You are with me too
Hidden in my serenity.

It?s a very beautiful feeling and one would say its love
But it?s much more than those four letters
It?s like finding yourself and getting lost at the same time
Liberating and Captivating at the same time
Dying and Living at the same time

?I wish!? he says time and again
It sounds like a plea to the almighty
To give him another chance at life
So he could be rightfully mine and mine alone ?
The Lord has his own plans for the both of us, I explain
But he refuses to adhere ???.
To the meaningless norms that we are imposed with,
He says as long as you are here??.
You are my inner soul the depths of which I have just discovered?.
You are my inner soul; one which I never thought existed
You are my inner soul and will forever live in me?..
Slowly slowly enveloping all of my being.

I smile at his innocence ???. I smile at his love
I smile at his purity, which is equal to the one watching us from above??
I smile at his anger at the injustice of it all???..
I smile at his laughter ?.at his eyes ??at his hope
That someday we will be together???.
That someday he will know that I was only the path and that his destiny awaits him.

Author: Vanessa Noronha- India