IMF unhappy with inconclusive Greece bailout talks

Athens (IANS) International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief Christine Lagarde on Sunday said she was disappointed with the inconclusive outcome of talks on the Greece financial crisis, but underscored the IMF’s commitment to continued engagements with the authorities in Athens.

The IMF chief said she briefed the IMF executive board on the inconclusive outcome of the discussions on Greece, and was disappointed with it, Xinhua reported.

She stressed that the IMF was willing to continue talks with the Greek authorities, if Greece can implement “appropriate structural and fiscal reforms supported by appropriate financing and debt sustainability measures”.

She said she welcomed the statements of the Eurogroup and the European Central Bank to make full use of all available instruments to preserve the integrity and stability of the euro area.

“The IMF will continue to carefully monitor developments in Greece and other countries in the vicinity and stands ready to provide assistance as needed,” said Lagarde in a statement.

Greece would be in arrears to the IMF if it fails to make debt repayments of $1.7 billion due on June 30.

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