Imtiaz Ali to promote short film format via app

New Delhi, Dec 21 (IANS) Director Imtiaz Ali has teamed up with a subscription-driven video entertainment mobile app, to promote the short film format.

The app called nexGTV has partnered with the maker of “Tamasha” to launch a new project called SPOTLight.

Under the project, entertainers will develop original short videos across a variety of genres including horror, satire, drama, social, poetry, comedy original music, fiction and reality.

nexGTV will carry selected videos under the program on its TV on mobile platform, which reaches out to millions of users.

Imtiaz will judge top five-viewed videos on nexGTV every month and select one video for the grand prize of Rs.100,000.

“India, today, is brimming with talented individuals just looking for ways to express themselves through their creativity. SPOTLight gives them the perfect stage to channel their genius to create something that resonates with the public,” Imtiaz said in a statement.

“I am glad to be involved in such a wonderful initiative and will look forward to seeing the best entries,” he added.

Speaking on the launch, Abhesh Verma, COO, nexGTV, said: “Spotlight means centre stage, and that is exactly what we are looking to offer those bitten by the creative bug.”

“By bringing someone of Imtiaz’s class and caliber, we are offering a unique chance to not just independent video content creators but to everybody to discover and showcase their talent in order to get it judged by a master of the craft,” he added.

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