India encourages new agriculture techniques in Nigeria

Abuja, June 29 (IANS) The Indian high commission in Nigeria has urged the government to implement integrated farming and drip irrigation techniques used in India.

During a forum organised by state-run News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), Indian High Commissioner Ajjampur Ghanashyam urged the Nigerian authorities to introduce new techniques to improve dry season farming in the country.

“Agriculture is one area in which there is tremendous potential.” Ghanashyam said.

“When there is an emerging need, you have to innovate. Today, in some northern states (of India), we are doing drip irrigation because water is a problem in those states,” he added, suggesting adoption of drip irrigation in Nigeria’s northern regions that face issues with sufficient water supply for agriculture.

The integrated system of farming makes it possible for the farmer to have vegetables, fruits and poultry to sell even if his crops fail, he said.

“Nigeria, with its available land, can feed itself, feed the rest of Africa and still have surplus to export to China and India,” Ghanashyam said.

According to the high commission, India is currently working closely with some northern states in Nigeria to promote drip irrigation, although availability of water is a challenge.

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