India My Beautiful..I Love You & Thank You For Showing Me God!


Oh beautiful Land of Ganges
Of Beautiful Land of Saints,
Of Gyanis, Yogis of Sages
Your Purity never taints.

Your soil is pure and rich
Your woods are thick and veiling,
The thirst quenching waters
Of your rivers, cool and healing.

The colours in the flowers
That you nurture with care,
The fragrance that they emit
Cannot be found elsewhere.

For this you breed such sons
And bring up and cherish,
with those righteous deeds
All evils then perish.

Mahabharat the righteous war
Was fought on your very bosom,
The teachings of the Bhagvad Geetha
Were born on your very bosom.

Of Vedas, Shastras, Upanishads
You are the whole essence,
Through love, Forgiveness, Endurance
You teach us great patience.

The one so pure as you
Can never be made more sure,
One simply has to eliminate
The disease for the cure.

The twelve notes of music
Exist all over the world,
But the way you combine them
Are just out of this world!

You Oh Bharat gives us
All artists par Excellence,
Singers, poets, painters
Dancers and musicians.

Your purity Oh Bharat
Is like a temple dome,
It shelters all Divinity
Which chooses as its borne.

How then can you be destroyed
By war or evil deeds,
When Divine it is your aid
In all its Godly deeds.

Those who merely see you
Not only those you keep,
Are truly blessed
By awakening in their deep.

I thank Almighty deeply
For you my motherland,
Of all your treasure do I love
Your ever welcoming hand.

And when I depart finally
To be One with God,
You will hear me say, ” I Love You”
And “Thank you for showing me God”!

About the author:

Albert Jossy Rego – is a Licensed Mechanical Engineer (LME-Bombay) and Associate Member of Institute of Engineers (AMIE-London), calls himself the ” Elvis Presley of India” is a great fan of Rock-n-Roll legend, Late Elvis Presley, and is a “Elvis Impersonator” having performed at various events and social gatherings. Retired after working in Kuwait for 33 years, he is presently residing in Mangalore, where he keeps himself busy with gardening, music and writing poems.

He was the First Indian to receive the Highest Civilian Honor ( equivalent to Mahaveer Chakra) from the Government of Kuwait in 2002- the Honor was presented to him by the then Defence Minister of Kuwait. He was also a special invitee on the Kuwait Radio for 8 days to read out his Patriotic Poems on Kuwait. One of his poem was adjudged as the “Best Poem” in Kuwait. He has written lots of poems and proverbs for the last so many years. He is a very good singer, with a taste for the 60s, 70s, and 80s songs, and among them being the hits by Rock-n-Roll King Elvis Presley.

Married to Celine Maria, he has four kids, one Son, Rohan (Bangalore), and three daughters- Carol ((Dubai), Susan (New Delhi) and Maya (Mangalore).

Author: Albert Jossy Rego- Kuwait/Mangalore