India-Pakistan shouldn’t give up on talks’

Islamabad, Sep 9 (IANS) India and Pakistan should not give up on their dialogue come what may, a former Indian minister has said.

“We should talk until we succeed,” Mani Shankar Aiyar, who served as India’s first counsel general in Karachi, said in his speech at a book launch.

There is need to start a composite dialogue to solve all the outstanding problems, including Kashmir and terrorism, he said, adding that the issues between Pakistan and India were not so complicated that they could not be solved.

The incidents of ceasefire violations increased whenever the two neighbours stopped talking. There had been a surge in ceasefire violations when talks at Agra, Sharm Al-Shaikh and Ufa remained inconclusive.

“The Ufa talks were initiated on the insistence of Russia and China. We have to work for uninterrupted dialogue to build our relationship,” said Aiyar.

Good relations would be instrumental in combating the biggest problem of terrorism both the countries had been facing.

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