Indian men okay with women earning more: Survey

New Delhi, June 12 (IANS) In a survey conducted by matchmaking service to understand how single Indian men feel about their wives earning more than them, it was revealed that 32.1 percent of men are fine with it.

The online poll received over 12,590 responses from single Indians in the age group of 22 to 34. Among them were 7,285 men and 5,305 women.

When single Indian men were asked if they would be okay with their wife earning more than them, 33.7 percent said “No” while, 34.2 percent said “Maybe” and 32.1 percent said “Yes”.

The survey also revealed that 23.4 percent of single Indian women would not mind marrying a guy who earns less than them.

Asked if they would support their in-laws financially, 76.4 percent men said “Yes”, followed by 20.8 percent who said “Maybe”, while 2.8 percent said “No”.

“As leaders in the online matchmaking industry, we, at have always stood for equality and empowerment in marriage. It is very encouraging to see the changing mindset of today’s youth,” Gourav Rakshit, CEO, said in a statement.

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