Indian-origin woman charged with assault on cabbie

Toronto, Sep 10 (IANS) An Indian-origin woman from the Canadian city of Calgary has been charged with common assault on a cab driver after she threw a bag full of vomit on him, media reported.

Selena Narayan-Lachapelle, 33, will appear in court on October 14, Calgary Herald newspaper reported on Wednesday.

Police said the incident occurred on the night of August 23 when the woman hired the taxi from downtown Calgary for her home in the northwest Sandstone Valley area.

While on the way, the woman got sick and puked in the vehicle. The cabbie then gave her a bag and continued driving.

After they reached the destination, the passenger threw up on the exterior of the vehicle.

After the incident, when the driver requested a cleanup fee, the woman started abusing him and threw the bag of vomit on him, covering his clothes, phone, car seat and floor mats, police said.

“She became upset and agitated. She was intoxicated by alcohol and was not prepared to pay the cleanup fee,” a police officer said.

The passenger’s family later paid both the cleanup fee and fare.

President of the cab service Kurt Enders noted that he was pleased with the action of the police saying he believes drivers are now bringing these issues “to the forefront, because things are starting to get done and charges are being laid”.

Calling this “an extreme case”, Enders said passengers do get sick in cars, probably every weekend, but this is the first time he has heard of a bag of vomit being thrown at one of his drivers.

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