Industry Interaction Programme at Sahyadri

Industry Interaction Programme at Sahyadri

Mangaluru: Dayanand Allapur, Vice President & Head HR, Capgemini Business Services India Ltd, Bengaluru and Ms. Swapna Allapur, Vice President – Talent Acquisition and Mobility Leader – Shared Services, Deloitte U.S. India offices visited Sahyadri and share their expertise and experiences with the Management, faculty members and students.

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Dayanand Allapur, said that one should be updated about the current affairs happening across the globe, latest trends in their respective fields and also stressed that one should adapt to the technological advancements. He said it is important to practically implement the knowledge gained and stated that the application beyond academics is essential. He advised to know the level of competition in the modern world to be at the forefront and also to have a unique perspective of accomplishing the task assigned to them.

Swapna Allapur spoke about the personal branding. She said it is most important for one to identify who they are and their strengths. Further, she insisted to focus on the same and start working towards making it even more efficient. She said one should be always able to adapt to the work culture of the organization they are serving. Youngsters should have the urge and curiosity to learn new things always

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