Iran raps US dual standards on terrorism

Tehran, June 21 (IANS) Tehran has rejected the anti-Iran accusations in the annual global terrorism report by the US State Department, censuring Washington for adopting a double-standard approach in dealing with the issue of terrorism.

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Marzieh Afkham on Saturday described the content of the US report as repetitive and said a politically-motivated stance on terrorism further complicates the issue, a report on Press TV said.

“The growing and complicated scourge of terrorism is rooted in applying double standards and a political approach toward this evil and inhumane phenomenon,” Afkham said.

In its annual global terrorism report released on Friday, the State Department accused Iran of supporting terrorist groups and conducting terror-related activities.

The Iranian official also described Iran as the “biggest victim of terrorism” over the past three decades, adding that leveling accusations against a country which spearheads international cooperation in the fight against terrorism, extremism and violence was part of a “blame game” played against Iran.

The Iranian official took a swipe at the real supporters of terrorist groups as well as the advocates of human rights for the surge in terror threats in the world.

Afkham questioned the US claim of fighting terrorism, saying the presence and unhindered operations of terrorists in the US, Washington’s failure to take a serious and firm action against terrorist and extremist groups as well as its indifference to Israel’s crimes against the Palestinian people discredit such so-called terrorism reports.

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