Israeli killed in drive-by shooting attack in West Bank

Jerusalem, (IANS) An Israeli was killed and another injured on Friday afternoon in a suspected Palestinian shooting attack in the West Bank, Israeli officials said.

A spokesperson with Magen David Adom, Israel’s Red Cross, said one of the two injured was in critical condition and later succumbed to his wounds at a hospital outside Tel Aviv, Xinhua news agency reported. The other man was lightly-to-moderately wounded after being shot at his legs.

An initial statement by a military spokesperson said that several shots were fired at an Israeli civilian vehicle near the Jewish settlement of Dolev, six km north-west of Ramallah.

Israel’s Channel 2 TV news reported that a passing car opened fire at a vehicle of Israelis, who were apparently on a tour at the Ein Buvin spring.

Scores of security forces were at the scene, canvassing the area for suspects, the military spokesperson said.

Violent incidents between Israelis and Palestinians have been on the rise since the US-brokered peace talks collapsed last April.

There have been dozens of militant attacks by Palestinians against Israelis, mainly in Jerusalem, claiming Israeli victims, along with Palestinian casualties from the frequent clashes between the Palestinians and the Israeli security forces.

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