Italy expels Pakistani IS ‘supporter’

Italy expels Pakistani IS ‘supporter’

Rome, Aug 2 (IANS/AKI) Authorities have deported a Pakistani man accused of seeking to stage a terrorist attack in Italy for the Islamic State (IS) group, Ansa news agency said.

Farook Aftab, 26, a warehouse worker in northern Italy, swore loyalty to the IS in a video posted to the Internet and “obsessively” viewed IS propaganda online, according to anti-terror investigators.

“I will carry out an attack and kill everyone, I know where to get the weapons,” Aftab said in a intercepted conversation, according to the investigators.

A wine bar was among Aftab’s planned targets and he was ready to “martyr” himself for Jihad, investigators said.

He also tried to bully his Pakistani wife into swearing allegiance to the IS and police found IS propaganda materials at the couple’s home in the town of Vaprio D’Adda near Milan, investigators said.

Aftab had become “self-radicalised” over the past 12 months and “obsessively” downloaded and viewed IS documents and violent videos as well as advice on how to obtain arms and explosives, police said.

He also told friends and acquaintances he planned to travel to Syria and wage jihad, praising IS’s deadly attacks in Europe including the crushing to death last month of 84 people by a Tunisian truck driver in Nice and the beheading a French priest in Normandy, according to investigators.

Aftab arrived in Italy in 2003 at age 13 and made several unsuccessful applications for citizenship, the most recent of which was in March.


  1. Pakistaani working at warehouse in Northern Italy????? Clearly, this guy is one of those Pakistanis who go to Turkey using valid visa and then illegally cross over to Europe!! I’ve seen many reports where these Pakistanis (mainly from Punjab region) pretend to be Arab refugees and cross over to Europe. These guys have turned UK into a nightmare!! UK, Belgium, Sweden, France and now Germany are heading towards a major clash between two civilizations. It’s going to be ugly. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these countries opt for partition as India witnessed in 1947. Get ready for first Islamic countries right in the middle of Europe!!!!

  2. The Italian organised crime scene has long been dominated by a multitude of clans and mob families, all generally referred to as “mafia”.

    In February 2016, after three murders in just 24 hours, Italy’s Interior Minister Angelino Alfano told Sky News Italy: “Now in Naples we need to send in the army.

    He said: “It’s exceptional in terms of breakdown in public order, it’s unrivalled in Europe, worse than in the Parisian banlieues.”

    He told La Repubblica: “It’s an exceptional situation, and I am convinced that exceptional measures are needed.

    He further said “We must stop treating Naples like a normal city. It’s not one. Neapolitans are forced to keep their heads down because they are living under gunfire.”

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    When will Italy going to ask for extradite these drug syndicates from Australlia?Is country economy is depend on illicit trade?Is our Indian mass media will be bold to publish this issues which is more acute than refugee crisis?

    Jai Hind

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