Its time to delight your monsoon cravings!

New Delhi, July 21 (IANS) The monsoon is – a time when the rains play a mesmerizing number on our minds. After the frustrating summer, your taste buds must be yearning for mouthwatering hot n’spicy pakoras with a cup of chai along with a refreshing rain shower and the pleasant smell of mud.

As it’s time to indulge in hot and spicy delicacies to add more warmth to your soul, this monsoon, Foodhall, the lifestyle food superstore, come up with many answers to your cravings with a mind-blowing touch of fusion. It brings you the shrimp bisque to matka chai, from falafel vada pav to cocktail samosas and much more.

It also offers a variety of fries with different toppings in Mexican, Mediterranean and Italian style.

Apart from their live kitchen, you can explore the monsoon’s special recipe with a variety of batters with fusion such falafel batter, waffle pancake batter and buckwheat crepe batter that can be served with Kashmiri kahwa, matka chai or hot chocolate.

You can also experience gourmet bliss with a warm range of flavorful soups.

And, if you are a person with a sweet tooth, then to comfort you, The Foodhall Patisserie has many colors of the rainbow with its moist cakes, tarts, rye bread and pumpernickel bread.

There is always a craving for comfort food which could make your monsoon more than flooded streets and can add more warmth to your soul when the heavens open up. So, go ahead and indulge!

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