Ivan Flags off Votive Procession, Moily Hoists Infant Jesus Flag

Ivan Flags off Votive Procession, Moily Hoists Infant Jesus Flag

Mangaluru: The procession of the votive offerings was held from the Cordel Church grounds to the Infant Jesus Shrine Bikkarnakatte here, on January 4.



Chief Whip Ivan D’Souza and Parish Priest of Holy Cross Church Cordel Fr Victor Machado flagged off the Votive Offering procession.


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Congratulating the organizers Fr Victor Machado said that the votive offerings will help the organizers to serve all the devotees who come for the novenas for nine days.

Ivan D’Souza also wished the Infant Jesus Annual Festival committee members for their efforts in organizing the procession of the Votive offerings.

More than 200 vehicles took part in the procession. The procession culminated at the Infant Jesus Shrine. Former CM of Karnataka and present MP of Chikballapur Constituency Veerappa Moily hoisted the Infant Jesus flag and inaugurated the 9-day Novenas. Fr Pius James led the prayer and blessed the devotees.

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Fr Prakash D’Cunha welcomed the gathering. The representatives of various organizations who contributed for the votive offerings were felicitated by Veerappa Moily.

Addressing the gathering Veerappa Moily said, “Guest means they come without invitation. Today I am very fortunate to be here to take part in the inauguration of the Nine-day Novenas at Infant Jesus Shrine. I am very much blessed and it is a call from Infant Jesus. Infant Jesus means Miracle. I even go to Karkala to pray to St Lawrence and whatever we pray we receive. We need to keep our mind clean to see God, without that we will not be able to achieve anything. We should not have enmity or curse others, our character and attitude should be good to be blessed”.

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He further said, “God does not have any religion, I am not able to understand why we fight in the name of religion. We need practice humanity and when we value humanity we can create a peaceful society. I wish everyone a very happy festival and let Infant Jesus Bless us all.”

MUDA Chairman Suresh Ballal speaking on the occasion said, “Infant Jesus Shrine is open to all. Even my niece was visiting this place every Thursday to attend the Novena and pray to Infant Jesus to bless her with a good job. Infant Jesus listened to her prayers and now she has got a good job in a good company. I myself had come here and prayed for J R Lobo to win the elections and Infant Jesus listened to my prayer and Lobo won the elections.”

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Suresh Ballal further said, “Christians do not see caste, creed or religion to serve the people. Christians have service in their mind and today Mother Teresa has become a saint for her service towards the poor. In my house, I have kept Mother Teresa’s portrait in my room because she is my inspiration and I am her devotee. I have also visited her Ashram in Calcutta and seen her work. St Mother Teresa is a Goddess. She was leading a very simple life. She served the poor of the poorest people. Let St Mother Teresa blessed us all”.

Suresh Ballal requested the priests to erect a Statue of the Resurrection of Jesus at the Holy Hill just like the one in Brazil. The Holy Hill should be a land mark for Mangaluru. The statue of the Resurrection of Jesus is a symbol of peace and harmony and I urge the concerned authorities to erect the statue at the Holy hill.

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Fr Dennis Moras Prabhu, superior Infant Jesus Shrine Fr Joe Tauro OCD, Fr Pius James, Corporators Bhasker Moily, Sabitha Misquith, Ashok DK and others were also present.

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