Jammu and Kashmir High Court bans sale of beef in the valley

 Jammu, (PTI): After Maharashtra, it’s now Jammu and Kashmir where the sale of beef has been banned. According to media reports, the Jammu and Kashmir High Court on Wednesday imposed a ban on the sale of beef across the state following a PIL against cow slaughter.


The PIL against cow slaughter, which led to the ban, was filed by Advocate Parimoksh Seth.

In the PIL, Advocate Parimoksh Seth stated that slaughtering of bovine animals was an offense punishable under Section 298-A. Further, the possession of such slaughtered animal was an act punishable under Section 298-B of the RPC.

As the Divisional Commissioner of Kashmir failed to file an appropriate response to the PIL, a Division Bench of State High Court including Justice Dhiraj Singh Thakur and Justice Janak Raj Kotwal imposed a ban on the sale of beef in the valley.


  1. Jammu and Kashmir High Court bans sale of beef in the valley! Reason given by the Court is that the Divisional Commissioner of Kashmir failed to file an appropriate response to the PIL. Divisional commissioner is an officer of the BJP government there.

    This is imposition of Hindu values and belief on the non-Hindus. Tomorrow the the non-Hindus would be forced to believe the Hindu Gods too !!!

    The minorities richly deserve this, for they have ditched the Congress, which practiced equality of all religions in India, even at the cost of alienating the majority of the voters, for the sake of secularism. Congress stood for principles and the minorities were thankless.

  2. The people of India will be lamenting about the current BJP Government which is imposing their religious autocracy upon the people of India. The 31% of the electorate elected a Government which will be turning as the national infamy and calamity. A national revolt is imminent against such things as “beef ban” which is pulling away the dinner plate. In Gujarat, no High Court judge will dare to ban the sales of beef, since Gujarat is the leading exporter of beef. How long this national insanity can prevail?

  3. “This is imposition of Hindu values and belief on the non-Hindus” – screams Pincode Pai from his tiny cell in an unknown location

    Look who is talking about one grop imposing religious values on other groups!!! LOL LOL If a minority group can impose their sharia values on an entire nation and shut down any conversations around ‘cartoons’, why not make them taste the same medicine ? LOL

    Look – I am against ALL religious groups. My views are based on principles and values I believe in. The ban on animal slaughter should be based on a genuine concern towards animal suffering, not based on some imaginary religious texts. Same way, the cartoon shouldn’t be banned because of some imaginary texts either. This is where my views are far more superior to intellectually dishonest views by folks like pincode, joker, sharia and many other illiterates on this forum.

  4. I spent quite a number of years abroad and, though I have not been fortunate enough to be a globe-trotter, nevertheless I travelled a couple of countries and had the privilege to meet people of different nationalities, talk to them, exchange views and learn a lot of interesting facts (that I was ignorant of). Quite a number of them were quite intelligent, well-informed and unbiased and I was fortunate to bump into a few personalities, who were walking-and-talking encylopaedias. This moulded my thinking and helped me to develop a live-and-let-live attitude.

    I was totally fed up with the dynastic rule of Congress Party, where the Sardarji, Dr. Manmohan Singh, was just a good-for-nothing fellow and static. In fact, the adventurious, dynamic and macho race of Sardars, consider him ………………. Whatever notable things that he did as a Minister was during the time he was appointed Finance Minister due to the total backing and freedom given by P.V. Narasimha Rao. On this score, I have to give the devil his due and salute him. However, as a Prime Minister, he was incompetent and I feel, as of date, he is the worst Prime Minister India ever had. I am quite sure that some writers on this forum who are infatuated with Congress and their icons will criticize my comments. I am well aware that all Indian parties and politicians are very corrupt, but Congress has been the worst. During their long rule, there have been many scandals, frauds and other irregularities and whatever findings of the investigation or fact-finding committees have been hushed up, shelved and not revealed to people, though India claims to be a democracy. The fact of the matter is that India is a sham democracy. Common man is just a non-entity for governments and politicians, till the election times, when candidates surface as bull-frogs (that appear and incessantly croak during the first monsoonal showers) with folded arms. Thereafter, they are not to be seen and are busy makin hay, while the sun shines.

    Though, Narendra Modi is anyday better than Dr. Manmohan Singh, however, I have been able to form my own opinion about this man, since he has been for one year and three to four months since coming to power. Like dictators of the yore, he make promises, but do not either stick to it or fulfil it. Indian politicians can fool most people, even educated, by their gift-of-the-gab and oratory. What happened to be many promises Narendra Modi made during the election campaigns? What about bringing back the black money into the country? What about putting lakhs of rupees into every citizens bank accounts? What about dealing sternly and firmly with Pakistan? What about many other promises he made? What about his promise that neither he will be corrupt, nor encourage corruption? Why make promises, when you cannot keep them? Or did he make these promises to fool the people, get votes and come to power?

    I do not blame BJP and Narendra Modi for coming to power. Most secular-minded people cast their votes for BJP, not because they were fond of this party (and many knew that RSS is BJP’s mother organisation and, therefore, BJP takes orders from her), because they were totally fed up with Congress and Dr. Manmohan Singh and hoped that Narendra Modi would at least do something, given a chance. Dr. Manmohan Singh is fully responsible for the mess and for the UPA’s defeat and for being a puppet of Sonia Gandhi, even though the latter does not have even a fraction of his academic attainments or career credentials. In her case, it is like a star getting an entry into Bollywood, because his/her father is an established star and not because of his acting abilities.

    Where, Dr. Manmohan Singh was immobile, Narendra Modi though active uses his energies in wrong directions and that could have ramifications. He has not done anything to give good governance, curb corruption, bring down prices, cap population growth, immediately cater to the needs of armed forces, put economic and diplomatic pressure on Pakistan to stop cross-border terrorism and hand over of criminals enjoying sanctuary there, roping in hot-heads in his party, including babas, sanyasis and sanyasins, etc. This man is missing a good opportunity to being mentioned in history as a great leader like Singapore’s late Lee Kuan Yew, but a leader with a communal bent of mind. He is just a braggart, always bragging about his achievements when, in fact, the same are not visible.

    As of date, his achievements are banning beef (mind you, India has the world’s largest population of cattle). Beef is a cheap sources of food for the poor masses. At this time there is no slaughtering of animals for four days in Mumbai to appease the monied Jain community. At this point, he has inaugurated the World Hindi Meet. Any intelligent man, who has knowledge of the world he is living in, will realise that India and Sanskritis is just confined to India and has no unversal applicability like German, French, Spanish and, not to forget English, which is the most widely used language in business and commerce. Even the Bollywood films screened abrtoad have sub-titles in English or the languages of the countries where it is screened

    • He is just a braggart, always bragging about his achievements when, in fact, the same are not visible. – Mr. Nelson on Rampa’s Pravaadi Sevaka

      Wowee! You HIT the nail on the head, Mr. Nelson. And I bet that our Original rampu will be mighty peeved!

  5. The sun of fascism and madness of a ban a day have dawned on India. The enemies of the people of India are working overtime to split the people of India and make them hate each other.
    The Constitution of India for the rest of India, and the constitution of jammu and Kashmir for the state of jammu and Kashmir lay down that all preconstituional laws are invalid to the extent of their being not in conformity to any provision of the Constitutions.
    No State has any business to tell people what to eat and what not to eat!
    If this obnoxious law made by an anti people dogra king ranbir Singh is ever implemented, it would simply result in hacking away Kashmir from India and serving it on a platter to Pakistan.
    The learned judges have made a very serious judicial error and a grave mistake in passing such an obnoxious unconstitutional order in such an unholy hurry, without any thought for the grave consequences and the grave damage and disrepute it brings to the good name of India and the hatred it can create against India among the millions of ordinary citizens that eat beaf, that can not think or imagine food without beaf.
    Shri benito mussolini did the greatest harm to Italy, and brought the greatest disrepute to that country.
    Shri Adolf Hitler did the same to Germany.
    Now a thousand fools that have usurped different chairs of political, administrative, quasi judicial and judicial offices across the length and breadth of India are trying hard to emulate these long dead rogue politicians of Italy and Germany in India.
    Can India ever find more harm to the peoples and the country than these anti people forces are perpetrating?! Doubtful!
    Let us hope and pray that the honourable Supreme Court of India will expeditiously hear the matter and undo the great damage wrought by this unconstitutional order of these learned judges and will pay more attention in future as to the degree and quantum of balance of judicial discretion and capabilities of judicial interpretation of the judges to be posted in this sensitive state.
    The issue of Kashmir is the cause of a thousand problems the thousand million people of India are facing. It is Kashmir that has brought India and Pakistan that were one before the partition like Germany or Korea, now to the brink of war and even probable nuclear catastrophe of a scale and magnitude of death and damage the world has never seen before, not even in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
    India and Indian people must exercise extreme vigilance against such anti national miscreants who could destroy India in the name of taming or annexing or teaching a lesson or splitting Pakistan into four this time compared to the two in 1971 as claimed by them.
    We will reap what we SOW. If we are not vigilant now, things may go out of our hands.
    Think of the great hatred it can create in a child of five or ten or fifteen years. Beef is part of every meal for millions. They may feel serious injury to their human pride and the very basic instinct of survival in all living things, the instinct for survival. We have been told that man eats man when things get desperate.
    Can we afford that in this age, in these times, and in these politically volatile conditions?!
    It is for the people and leaders of India to decide and pursue a right course of action. But let no one may ever say, the choice was never presented!
    Satyameva Jayathe! Sarvajane sukhinaabhavantho! Bhaarath maathaa ki jai! Jai Hind!

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