Japanese opposition vows to block security bills

Tokyo, Sep 4 (IANS) Japan’s opposition parties on Friday agreed to cooperate to try to prevent the ruling coalition from railroading national security bills.

The bills have already been approved by the Lower House and are currently being debated in the Upper House, state-run NHK news agency reported.

The leaders of six opposition parties met earlier in the day.

They criticised the ruling coalition’s attempt to put the controversial bills to a vote in the Upper House, noting that there has still not been a full debate on the legislation.

Some proposed that the opposition parties consider submitting a no-confidence motion against the Cabinet.

They agreed to work together to block the railroading of the bills and to meet again next week to discuss their tactics in detail.

The government-sponsored security bills would enable Self-Defence Forces (SDF) to use arms overseas in the defence of friendly nations, a postwar precedent for Japan.

The legislation would also loosen restrictions on SDF participation in UN-led peacekeeping operations.

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