JD(U) candidate caught dancing with bar girl, video goes viral

Bihar: Just ahead of the Bihar polls, Abhay Kushwaha, a JD(U) candidate from Gaya, has sparked a controversy by dancing with a pole-dancer.


In a video, which is now going viral, Abhay Kushwaha is seen dancing in an obscene manner with a bar dancer. Kushwaha is also seen throwing money at the dancer.

Towards the end of the video, the JD(U) man is seen slipping on the floor while trying to grab the dancer.

The JD(U) candidate is seen dancing with the pole dancer, while the crowd cheered both of them.


  1. Why making big issue. He is not a Pandith, Mullha or a Priest. He his a normal person and has right to spend the money as he wants. He has gone to the public bar where public enjoy their evening, to be with the public and enjoy with them he has not harmed or killed any body. People may elect him since he knows value of Night Life. Tell me is there any place in Mangalore visitor to city can enjoy quality night life. The locals have made city lifeless. Young generation has no place in Mangalore to drain their energy.

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