Jesus touched many lives: Modi

New Delhi, March 25 (IANS) Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that Good Friday was a day to remember the noble thoughts of Jesus Christ which touched many lives.

“Good Friday is a day of prayer and a day to remember the noble, pious and compassionate thoughts of Jesus Christ that touched many lives,” the prime minister tweeted.


  1. Great message from Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi on Jesus Christ on the sacred day of Good Friday. Messages such as these will not only inspire the Christians of India, but also the people of the entire world. Timely messages such as these will touch the conscience of the World to realize how graciously the leaders of India are concerned with the secular harmony within the great nation. We were recently at the United Nations Headquarters in New York and were highly amazed to witness so much of favorable impression about our Country specially on the topic of Secular values and also on non-violence. India has continuously proven how much we value the daily peace and harmony within the nation where we have three major Religions functioning side by side with profound respect for each other. Thank you, Mr. Narendra Modi for your timely comments, and we wish you best of luck in all your good endevors that will move our country forward with continued peace and harmony all over.

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