Just tap on your screen to connect socially

New York, Aug 20 (IANS) You can now connect with people and share your contact information by just tapping your smartphone screen, thanks to a new app launched by an Indian-origin entrepreneur.

Ankur Jain’s company Humin, which founded with David Wyler in 2013, has launched a new app called Knock Knock that makes swapping information less cumbersome, Forbes reported.

Herea¿s how it works: Login into Knock Knock and choose the information you want to share – phone number, email, Facebook, Linkedin, plus handles for Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram.

When you meet someone new, who also has the app, you open Knock Knock and knock your screen twice.

That alerts the other person’s app that you want to connect.A

If they knock their phone (the app does not have to be open, nor the phone unlocked), all the information is transferred.

The knocking acts as a duel buy-in, that is, both parties must agree before the information is shared.

Backers of Knock Knock include billionaire Richard Branson, musician Wil.I.am and actress Sophia Bush who all invested and starred in a new video to kick off the launch.

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