Kanajar Welfare Association, Kuwait Celebrates Monti Fest

Kanajar Welfare Association, Kuwait Celebrates Monti Fest

Kuwait: The members of Kanajar Welfare Association Kuwait (KWAK) along with family members and guests celebrated Monti Fest at the premises of artistic yoga hall, Salmiya, Kuwait on Friday 9th September evening.


The celebration started with an introductory speech by Rishawn D’Souza. President, Ivan Menezes welcomed the guests and continued with the thanksgiving prayer, Novena led by Renita Flavy Barboza. KWAK members led the hymn “Sakkad Sangatha Melyan and Morriyek Hogalsiyan” sung in unison by one and all and simultaneously floral offering was done by kids along with families.

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The celebrations continued with cutting the cake by all committee members and the cake and soft drinks were served to the guests.

Melwin Mascarenhas and Leena Fernandes conducted various games for the children as well as Adults.

Antony Miranda and team entertained gathering with their skits.
Housie game was conducted by Edward D’Souza and Melwyn Mascarenhas to entertain the attendees.

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KWAK secretary Charlotte D’Souza, delivered the vote of thanks and expressed her gratitude to the committee members, members of KWAK and especially the members who prepared the delicious food for the feast.

Grace before the meal was recited by Rezal Menezes. The Delicious tradition food was prepared by KWAK members, with a special vegetarian menu which is symbolic to the new harvest of coastal Karnataka. More than 100 Kanajareans, friends and relatives gathered for the feast. The entire proceeding of the feast day celebration was compered by Rishawn D’Souza and Melwin Mascarenhas.

from Alban D’Souza Ummottu

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