Kanye West always speaks truth

London, June 27 (IANS) Rapper Kanye West doesn’t care if his truthful opinions make him unpopular, and thinks too many stars put money first.

The “All Day” rapper has hit out at stars who put money first and insists he will always give his honest opinion no matter what it makes people think of him, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

“I just think there’s a lot of celebrities that are completely controlled by their finances. You could literally tap them on the wrist and say they lost five dollars and they’ll fall to the floor and beg for at least four of the dollars back.

“So when people expect a celebrity to do or say anything you’re talking to the wrong group of people. They won’t use their voice for the people. They’ll only use their voice for money,” he said.

West believes someone has to be daring enough to tell the truth.

“Print it as loud, as f*****g loud, as you want to. Print it. And I don’t care what parties I don’t get invited to afterwards. Ninety per cent of celebrities only use their voice for the purpose of making money for themselves.

“I’ll address (politics) however it needs to be addressed, because the world is broken. Somebody’s got to be crazy enough to put themselves and their wellbeing on the line for truth. Somebody’s gotta do it,” he added.

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