Karkala: 14-year-old Tirthahalli Boy Leaves Home and Pedals Across 75 Kms to Bajagoli

Karkala: Some of the teenage or adolescent children of the present agerunaway- appear to be ready for any adventure or to take risks when things do not happen according to their thinking.

Vadiraj (name changed), aged 14, is an VIII-standard student of Vishwatirtha School near Kammadi of Tirthahalli in Shivamogga district.

He had lagged behind in studies and hence was given constant advice at home to do better by concentrating on studies. Apparently irked by it, he quietly left home on Sunday, but took a primitive, but currently fashiobale mode of transport, riding a bicycle.

Pedalling across the ghat territory for 75 kms all alone, he arrived at a relative’s house in Bajagoli, giving them a big surprise. There too he was given a piece of advice for not informing home. Early Monday morning, he disappeared from there again, causing more worry to the parents.

However, on Tuesday, the parents received a call from him saying that he was safe at another relative’s house in Shivamogga.

Efforts are being made to bring him home.

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