Karkala: In a Freak Case, Infant Chokes while being Breast-fed and Dies of After-effects

Karkala: A freak case of an infant aged a month and a half dying on account of choking while being breast-fed by the mother has been reported from here.

Poornima, wife of Jayachandra of Mullodimani in Samse village in Mudigere taluk of Chikkamagaluru district, was suckling her child at home around 11 am on Sunday.

Suddenly the respiratory tract of the baby got blocked with the intake and it started oozing out of its nose and mouth. Its condition turned worse in the night. When it was taken to a local hospital, the doctors are said to have advised them to take it to a hospital here.

However, while on the way, the child is said to have breathed its last. The body was taken to the government hospital morgue. After obtaining statements from the parents, the police allowed them to claim it for final rites.

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  1. Very sorry tohear.Iam sure during suckling milk,more milk must have flowed inside which the ifant was not able to swallow everything.due to rest milk flew into lungs,baby got choked could not breath.They should have taken the Baby immediately to doctor,.or may be after feeding ,they should have hold Baby upright so that the air Baby during feeding swallowed Comes outby gently slapping on the back.when not later Baby vomits whole milk and get choked .some milk may go into lungs .and Baby cant breath becomes blue.so with Babys should be careful even after feeding.my heartfelt sympathys to the parents.

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