Karkala: Leopard Giving Sleepless Nights to Belanje Residents Captured at Last

Karkala: Residents of Matkallugudde and Belanje near Hebri had been spending sleepless nights during recent times, since leopard was on the prowl.

Many domestic animals had fallen prey. They had urged the forest personnel to put an end to its menace. In response, they placed a large cage at a strategic point near the house of Rama Koraga three days ago.

Late on Friday night, the big cat followed its familiar route and arrived. A dog had been placed as a ruse. In an attempt to carry it away, the leopard got trapped in the cage.

The leopard is a male. It was kept in the yard of the forest office for some time. Later on it was scheduled to be released into a forest far away from human habitat.

Leopards’ tales:

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