Karkala: Police Collect Rs. 78,300 as Revenue Through Auction of Seized Roosters

Karkala: The auction of roosters seized from cock fights has generated a revenue of Rs 78,300 for the Karkal Town Police Station. A cock fight was organised in Kariyakallu, Karkal on November 9 as the part of Deepavali celebrations. The police team led by Dr. Suman IPS, Assistant Superintendent of Police Karkal, on a tip off raided the cock fight event and seized 10 hens along with 8 persons.

Prior to the event, false information was spread that police permission had been sought for the cock fight. Local and people neighbouring districts had participated in the event. ASP Dr. Suman visited the premises of the event undercover and was clicking photographs. The audience were unknown of her identity and assumed that she was interested to click the photographs of the event. The ASP had traveled in her two wheeler to the event.

As the ASP was clicking pictures, other policemen also joined her and subsequently raided the premises. After realising that the police were raiding the premises, some people managed to escape. The police arrested 8 persons who were on the verge of escaping and recovered 75 roosters and Rs 34500 used for betting.

The raid was carried by ASP Suman along with the police officials of Karkal rural station. Later, on Wednesday, the police officials auctioned the seized roosters.

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