Karkala: Thieves Decamp with Gold, Silver Ornaments from Durga Parameshwari Temple Belman

Karkala:  Thieves broke into Shree Durga Parameshwari Temple Belman and stole gold and silver ornaments worth over Rs 3 lakh during the afternoon on July 13.


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The priest of the temple, Nagendra Bhat, had locked the doors of the temple after offering Puja and had gone to his house. When he returned to temple for the evening service at 6 pm, he found that the temple doors were broken. A silver throne weighing 450 grams and other gold ornaments were stolen from the temple.

The Karkala Rural Police along with the dog squad and fingerprint experts visited spot. A case has been registered in the Karkala Police Station.

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  1. Isn’t ironic that we need to give so much protection to god ? Well…

    On a different note, this incident is simply being reported as just another case of burglary. In fact, that may very well be true. No intelligent person will link this incident to state Govt and accuse Congress of trying to make hindus live in fear and insecurity!! However, I remember all the euphoria and (fake)outrage over ‘attacks on minority worshiping places’ after Modiji came to power!! The certain sections of media and some known troublemakers tried their best to accuse BJP of bullying minorities!! No intelligent person should have done it. Then again, they are not known for any intelligent ideas or honesty. smiles…

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