Karnataka Police Portal Hacked, Restored

Bengaluru: Unidentified hackers on Friday hacked the official websites of the Karnataka state police and those of the embassies of India in seven different countries.

In the morning, the home page of the KSP website displayed a message (#) Hacked by Faisal1337, … Shame on your secutiry (#) we are Team Pak cyber attekers (sic) with a flag of Pakistan. The web management staff, alerted by it, immediately deleted the objectionable content and set the portal right.


Around the same time, websites of the embassies of India in Ankara in Turkey, Athens in Greece, Mexico, Sao Paolo in Brazil, Romania and Tazakistan and the high commission in Pretoria in South Africa. Tags like Anahuta, Romantic, Salute Pakistan Army, Pakistan Zindabad, Feel the Power of Pakistan etc.

The police are trying the trace from where the mischief originated. While the hand of Pakistani hackers cannot be ruled out, they are also looking at it from the angle of the timing of this incident in view of the recent happenings related to a planned strike in the police force in Karnataka and also a campaign in a social media site carried on in the name of a woman police officer who has since resigned.

They have taken a special note that a Kannada word ‘anaahuta’ was used by the hackers claiming to be Pakistanis.

yThere is a suspicion that it could be a mischief by locals or some troublemongers based abroad, so that Pakistan could also be blamed for it.

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