Karnataka Social Club-Bahrain holds Nativity Feast with..

Karnataka Social Club-Bahrain holds Nativity Feast with Fervour and Passion

Bahrain: Karnataka Social Club-Bahrain held its traditional Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary at its premises on 10 September 2016. The event was conducted in Konkani with the eloquent host Nirmal Fernandes showing her flair and forte in this field.

The President, Sunil D’Souza made his entry into the hall with the infant Virgin Mary in the arms, followed in the procession by the children of the club. Members of the club then made their offerings of vegetable baskets in a steady procession. The children followed in tandem showering flowers on the Infant Virgin Mary to the accompaniment of the choir singing praises of devotion in a hymn dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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The guest of the honour Fr Roshan blessed the congregation and in his message expressed his pleasure at the unity prevalent among the community, which is synonymous with this feast.

The Pirjenths and the Murdoms were honoured for their benevolence with a Blessed Candle from the Priest. A short cultural programme included a well-enacted hilarious skit, a devotion Hymn and an invigorating group dance by the youth of the club. The vote of thanks was delivered by the Vice President, Muriel Gomes. A typical vegetarian meal on banana leaves drove members down memory lane to the time they had back home.

Sugar cane was distributed to the children. The curtains to the event were drawn with the President thanking the members for their support and co-operation in making this a fruitful experience.

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