Karnataka Social Club-Bahrain holds Prince and Princess Contest

Karnataka Social Club-Bahrain holds Prince and Princess Contest

Bahrain: The Karnataka Social Club-Bahrain held its Welcome Dance and Prince and Princess Contest at the Baen Saeng Thai auditorium on Thursday 28 April.


The event began with a slow Waltz session which was followed by the induction ceremony.

The President of the club Sunil D’Souza, in his inaugural address, thanked the members for their support during the past year and expected the same during his term at the helm. He then introduced his team-members after giving a brief description of their role.

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Two bollywood dances by the members’ children enthralled the ecstatic audience as they cheered every synchronized move of theirs.

The main Pagent of the nite viz The Prince and Princess contest took off in style with around 30 boys and girls displaying a wide range of delightful apparel as they swayed along the ramp.

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Consolation prizes were awarded to the not-so-lucky ones for their spirit in participating.
The audience who didn’t want to be left out grooved their way on the dance floor to a session of line dancing to all time favourite hits like Achy breaky heart and shala la la la.

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