Kasaragod: Interstate Thief Wanted in Many Cases Nabbed by City Police

Kasaragod: Shanu aka Ramzan (22), hailing from Koolikunnu of Uduma in the district, who was wanted in several cases of vehicle-lifting and robbery, has been arrested by the city police. He is believed to be the kingpin of a crime ring.


He has been accused of being involved in a number of gold and vehicle thefts, regarding which cases which took place in Sullia and Ullal in Karnataka and Chattanchal and Kasaragod in Kerala. He was also wanted in a case of snatching of a chain from a woman while she was walking in Bekal.

The arrest was made when the police were doing a random check on vehicles near the Chandragiri river. Shanu was in a vehicle which he had stolen.

When he was asked to stop, he defied the instruction and sped away. He was chased and caught. Later on, the vehicle was found abandoned at Chemnad.


  1. “Shanu aka Ramzan (22), hailing from Koolikunnu of Uduma…” – another genius from kasaragodu who is specialized in gold and vehicle thefts!!

    Either you are caught in vimaana nildaana or during a random vehicle check near chandragiri river!! Oh well…

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