Kasaragod: Russian Tourist’s Bag with Cash Stolen in Bus Arriving from Mangaluru

Kasaragod: A lot of attention apart from money are paid towards promotion of India as a tourist destination.

They could be brushed aside as stray incidents, but there are many instances of foreign women tourists being sexually assaulted, molested or harassed, others getting looted or cheated.

This neither does justice to the Indian ethos of ‘Atithi Devo Bhavah’, i.e., a guest is like god, nor does it project India as an ideal and comfortable place for tourism.

Dimitri Rivalkin, a Russian national, has had a bitter experience. He had arrived in India on Nov 5. After visiting places in Mumbai, he travelled to Goa and spent a few days there.

Thereafter, he arrived in Mangaluru and visited worth seeing places. On his way to Kerala, he travelled in a bus to Kasaragod. Greedy eyes fell on his bag and when he reached here, it was missing.

In his complaint filed at the town police station here, he has stated that the bag contained US$ 850 and Rs 2,500 in cash, which had possessed for his travel and incidental expenses.

Luckily for him, he had kept his passport with visa in another bag which he carried on his person.

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  1. It proves that anything can happen in kerala. My bitter experience was in Cochin cloak room, which we call as safe place to keep our luaggage. While I went to collect my baggage the guy was trying to unzipp my bag. Luckily I could get hold of a cop and show him how these guys were making a day light robbery. Immediately the railway cop did not give a second thought and the guy was immediately hand cuffed. It came to the utter surprise of the cloak room guy that I was seeing all this being the baggage owner.

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