Kasaragod: Woman Member of Mangalpadi Panchayat Complains of Dowry Harrassment!

Kasaragod: That it is not just the poor and helpless women from the neglected classes that face dowry was proved by a complaint received by the Kumbla police in the district.

Misbana Beevi (33), an elected member of the Mangalpadi gram panchayat, has complained against her husband Abdul Rahim of Kumbla, his mother Mariamma and brother Rifai over physical and mental haraassment being inflicted on her by them.

Daughter of Karim Mohammed of Bandyodu, Misbana had been given in marriage to Abdul Rahim on Sep 26, 2014. He was given Rs 4 lakh and 35 sovereign gold as gift. But recently they began demanding more money to be brought from her parental home, Misbana has stated in her complaint.

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