KCSC holds Onam Celebrations in Udupi

KCSC holds Onam Celebrations in Udupi

Udupi: Our government is  always committed to protect Keralaites living in Karnataka said, Pramod Madhwaraj district minister in-charge and also the state fisheries, youth affairs and sports minister of Karnataka.

He was speaking after participating in the Onam celebrations oragnised by Kerala Cultural and Social Center Udupi at the Narayana Guru Hall Bannanje Udupi here on Sunday, September 18.

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Onam is the only festival, which is being celebrated by  people of all caste and religions. We need to respect and honour all cultures and traditions practiced by all castes and religions. Keralites are hardworking, who try to unite everyone. Today  Keralites are living across the world because of their hard working. Keralites adopt to the culture of the people of the place they live and that is why they are successful, wherever they settle, he added.

Meenakshi Madhava Bannaje president, Udupi City Municipal Council inaugurated the programme by lighting the lamp and wished everyone present.

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Meritorious students were honoured on the occasion. ‘Pookkalam,’ an elaborate intricate design of flowers was part of the celebrations besides ‘Onappaattu’ or Onam songs. Members Directory-2016 of the Centre was released on the occasion. Onasadyam consists of lip smacking meal of Kerala cuisine that was served to the participants.

Dr Tom Devasia, Ravirajan, Mohandas PA, Santhosh Kumar, Krishnan and others were present.

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