Keep Your Eyes Open and Ears Sharp

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By Sandhya D’Souza, Dept of Journalism, St Aloysius College

Everybody is busy today. All know what’s happening in the world but nobody bothers to know what’s happening in their neighborhood. According to Mr. Vincent D’Souza, an editor from Chennai, communication with our neighborhood is necessary. He opines that a small effort by us localites can make a huge difference. By sticking a wall-bulletin containing small news bits and notifications, on a common wall, can create better bonding in the society.

Mr. Vincent D’Souza a practicing Journalist and editor of Mylapore Times and was a former student of Loyola College, Chennai. He is the editor of Mylapore Times, a weekly which reaches nearly 30,000 homes.

Mr D’Souza likes to inspire youngsters, specially those aspiring to be journalists or media workers. Interacting with budding and aspiring Journalists interests him. Hence, on his visit to Mangalore, Mr D’Souza made it a point to visit the Journalism students of St. Aloysius College.

Mr. Vincent is a firm believer in the power of local publications. He encourages local publications as they affect a common person, for the news that’s happening is in and around his/her world. Mr D’Souza wants youngsters to become big fishes in small ponds rather than small fishes in big ponds.
Technology today is helping us to be informed. Today media sector is making big news. Radio is one of the biggest sectors as there are hundreds of stations all over the country. Three FM stations are going to start in Mangalore very soon. Besides, government of licensing community radio is also going to affect the way we are going to communicate with our neighborhood. Mobile Phones are also playing a important role in delivering radio news to us.

Journalism is all about discovering and celebrating. A journalist is supposed to be curious and try to scrap information. He suggests that youngsters maintain scrapbooks, which will help them in boosting their CVs. Anybody can be a journalist, he says. All you need is to look at things in a new perspective.

So what you waiting for? Let’s start discovering.


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