Kenya wildlife agency says stray lions safely back in park

Nairobi, Feb 19 (IANS) Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) on Friday said two lions that strayed from the Nairobi National Park were found unharmed and have been returned to the park.

KWS spokesman Paul Udoto said the lioness was safely sedated after being found along with her cub near the sprawling Kibera slums in the capital by KWS wardens, and transported back to the park, Xinhua reported.

Udoto earlier said KWS had received reports that two lionesses had been spotted on the road near Lang’ata residential estate which is adjacent to the park, and were still unsure of the number of lions that are feared to be roaming in the area.

KWS had also urged the public to remain vigilant and avoid provoking the wild animals in case they come in contact with them.

The incident disrupted movements of people along the area, with most residents staying indoors for fear of being mauled by the lions.

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