Kerala actor Sreejit Ravi arrested

Kerala actor Sreejit Ravi arrested

Palakaad: Noted Malayalam actor Sreejit Ravi was arrested here today on complaints from school girls that he had behaved “indecently”, police said.


Police said he was arrested under Section 509 of IPC (word, gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of women) from a film shooting location at Ottapalam here.

The action followed after the school girls complained to their Principal that the actor had taken their photo in his mobile and allegedly made indecent gestures, police said.

The actor, however, denied the allegations.


  1. This guy is an actor? His mustache alone probably weighs 15 lbs!!

    On a different note, how can Police arrest him for allegedly taking photos and making questionable gestures? Have they found enough proof? It’s one thing to question him and get his side of the story. But to arrest him? Oh well…

  2. “On a diff note, how can Police arrest him for allegedly..Oh well….” – Yumreeki RamPe

    Oh guvel (well), this is like some Kuppepadav’s John Kori asking how the Yumreeki cops are shooting blacks and blues? Or, err, should it be – beating them black & blue if not shooting them dead later?

    Oh guvel…..

  3. I know I am not supposed to remind him of a ‘bhagna swapna’ incident that threw his entire life in a very harsh and painful direction taking him all the way to Saudi and finally back home at Pilikula. But what other logical explanation one can give to explain his irrational, incoherent responses? Irrespective of the topic discussed, Joker Pinto’s response is to always bring up either Doddanna or RSS!!! This report is on an unknown with a big mustache. And, he is talking about John Kerry!! Is it delusion or ignorance? Or both????

    • ‘Bhagna swapna’ incident.. this report is on an unknown with a beeeeeeeggg mustache’. – Joker – RampaNNA

      Ayyo, Rampa. that “unknown” is growing his much on his OWN upper lip! NOT on some veggie-patch in your ranch in Yumreeka. Wa wa balle’d kai padre daaye popa maraya?

      Artha aandathe? 😉

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