‘Keventers’ owners say tax evasion notice not to them

New Delhi, Aug 10 (IANS) The owners of “Keventers” trade mark have said that the notice issued by the Delhi government for possible evasion of taxes does not pertain to them but to another popular milk bar “Shake Square” that was once using the brand name.

The Delhi government, in a release dated August 6, had said that it was “Keventers” that was under-reporting its sales, based on evidence collected by way of a spy camera and magic eye. It turns out that the eatery in question no longer goes by that name.

Representing Keventers or Keventer’s, law firm Alba Law Offices said the trademark in question was actually registered under their client’s name, Agastya Dalima.

“It is hereby brought to your immediate attention that the outlet located at Connaught Place, being the subject matter of the article published in your newspaper, is actually “Shake Square’ and not Keventer’s,” the law firm said.

Relying on the official statement issued by the Directorate of Information and Publicity of the Delhi government, IANS had reported on Thursday that the popular eatery in the central business district had been found to be evading taxes by grossly under-reporting its sales.

The dealer, the official statement said, was showing sales of approximately Rs.25,000 per day, whereas during 5-6 hours of survey, the dealer had made a sale of Rs.60,500. The cash amount found was 40 times the daily sales reported, the statement said.

Based on “credential information” that the dealer was suppressing sales, “a recce of the premises and videography was done for two days of M/s R.K. & Co., popularly known as Keventers” — and this is where the statement appears to have erred, as per the law firm.

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