Kinnigoli: Bison Darshan – Sometimes Here and Sometimes There – Scare Spreads

Kinnigoli: It appears to be the same pair of bisons that has been showing up in different places on different days. Normally, their movement is slow. But how they have managed to make guest appearances at spots as distant as Mundkur, Sankalakariya and surroundings of Kinnigoli has puzzled the residents as well as forest personnel.

Last week, they had moved from Mundkur to Sankalakariya and Aikala. Around the weekend they appeared in Guttakadu, Ulepady, Punaroor and Sheenappayyakodi (also called S Kodi).

On Tuesday, they were spotted near the Dr Ramanna Shetty English-medium School located close to the junction to roads to Punaroor, Pakshikere and Padmanoor.

The forest personnel were informed and a team arrived from Moodbidri. They tried to capture them by spreading a net and it was not successful.

Earlier in the week, when they appeared in Guttakadu, attempts were made to capture them in a net, but they had escaped into a nearby forest.

Although said to be harmless if left alone, the fear perception still prevails in the minds of the public.

Bison bulletins:

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