Kinnigoli: Citizens Put Their Heads Together to Make Town Mishap-free

Kinnigoli: Haphazard and indiscriminate parking habits have been creating a lot of problems for traffic in this town in recent times.

A meeting of citizens, including members of Mennabettu and Kinnigoli panchayats, owners and drivers of buses, cars, taxis, Tempo vehicles and autorickshaws, met and held discussions in the presence of city north traffic police from Suratkal. Everyone agreed that the traffic congestion was a major issue. It was decided to get all citizens to join hands in making the town a mishap-free zone.

Traffic police inspector Manjunath suggested that only five autorickshaws should be parked in the auto stand at the Sukhananda circle.

Responding to the complaint that the buses leaving the stand were being stopped on the way thus blocking the traffic, the bus-owners and drivers’ association president Bhaskar Ullanje said that the members of the organization had been strictly instructed to follow the rules. It was only those not affiliated to the association were violating them.

Request was also made to allot a requisite parking space for private vehicles and two-wheelers. To keep track of traffic discipline, the bus-owners urged the panchayat and the police to have CCTV cameras installed over the stretch between the bus-stand and the market area.

The traffic police inspector reminded that his department would take strict action against those violating the law.

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