Kinnigoli: Massive Theft in Cooperative Society – No Clues Even after Four Days

Kinnigoli: It has been four days since a massive loot was executed by miscreants in the SK Goldsmiths’ Cooperative Society here.

But there are absolutely no clues available. Police sources said that a major setback in the probe was the fact that the CCTV hardware was carried away by the thieves.

However, the special team that is investigating the case, has found similarities between the thefts in bank in B C Road some time ago and this one in Kinnigoli. Hence there is a suspicion that a professional gang has been going around and studying different prospective targets.

In the meantime, worried customers have been visiting the premises in large numbers ever since the theft was reported, expressing concern about their gold and money. According to an evaluation, gold belonging to about 1,700 borrowers has been taken away.

The management and the staff had a tough time in assuring the customers that the gold pledged to the bank had full insurance cover and that there was nothing to worry about.

Some borrowers said that even if a full compensation was given, it would not make up for the sentimental value of the gold ornaments received in the form of gift from near and dear people. A few said that they had pledged the gold more for the sake of security than any need of money.

The investigation is continuing with the help of Mulki police. Many citizens feel that with the growth of Kinnigoli as a large commercial centre and with so many banks and financial institutions functioning in town, it needed its own police station. The only next police station on the other side is in Bajpe.

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