Kinnigoli: Yakshagana Artiste Ashok Kolakadi (37) Collapses and Dies during Tour

Kinnigoli: Ashok Kolakadi (37), a up-and-coming Yakshagana artiste, died in unfortunate circumstances on Monday night.

He was a resident of Moilottu near Mulki. The troupe which he was part of was in Balavinagudde near Kinnigoli around 9-30 pm. Ashok felt something like a snake passing over his feet. He got a sudden start and collapsed on the spot.

He was taken to a hospital in Kinnigoli and then to Mangaluru. He is said to have died on the way.

It is presumed that a snake may have indeed passed over his feet and he died of its shock effect. Medical examination confirmed that there was no bite marks anywhere on the body.

After graduating from Vijaya College, Mulki, he had, instead of going for further studies or taking up a white-collar job, he had got full time into stage activities and Yakshagana profession.

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