Kochi to host public service accountability colloquium

Kochi, Oct 4 (IANS) Former top government officials will participate in a national colloquium on Public Service Accountability and Public Resource Management to be held here later this month, it was announced on Sunday.

“Bureaucratic accountability and efficiency in the utilization of public resources are becoming more open to civic scrutiny, these days. Increasing democratic control over public offices, call to maintain transparency in public spending and attempts for evaluation of performance while performing official duties, would be touched upon by these experts,” said V.V.Vinod, managing director, Corporate Relations, who are organising this event.

Those who will be recalling their days include Uttar Pradesh’s former director general of police Abraham Kurien, Kerala’s former police chief Jacob Punnoose, former IAS officer C.Balagopal, who ventured into business and became the largest exporter of blood bags from India, would be among those presenting case studies at the event to be held on October 29.

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