Konkan Connections – 14

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Santu had collar of the first person in his hands and pushed him hard. He gave a strong kick to his abdomen with his right leg!  Pradeep got up and rushed to the other two persons with his both hands folded in an apologetic namaste mode. By then the aggravated Santu had kicked the first person again, now on his groin! He fell  on Kaalia Vishu with a screeching sound. Raaghu, by then pushed Pradeep aside and attacked the other person with beard. One punch on the face had beard guy bleeding profusely! He grabbed him with both his hands and threw him to the ground with alarming speed! Now, Santu had grabbed the first person again and hit him very hard on his head with the butt of his Glock 24 C .40 calibre Pistol! The first person screamed loudly with both his hands clasping his head. He received a hard kick again on the groin area. Santu was on fire! He was livid. All along he was mouthing expletives to Kuppe Swami and his brigade. Abdul came and held Santu in a tight grip.

"Hey, Santu, calm down… I say..Just relax.."

"Abdul Bhai.. This mad guy, how dare he spoil our party,   I will finish him now…" Santu was furious!

Abdul had caught Santu firmly in his grip and successfully managed to  wrestle the  Glock Gun from Santu’s grip. He pushed Santu aside and came in between Raaghu and Vishu and other two guys. Moidu Kutty had by now had his .32 colt revolver in his hands.

"Moidu,  just put the gun down I say?" thundered Abdul.

Pradeep was in his tears. Never ever he had bargained for a fight in his wildest dreams . That too in his private lounge! He prayed to all the Gods, he could remember!

" Please guys,?just relax. There is no reason for you  to fight…You all are equal to me.. please take it easy? He was cut short by Kaalia Vishu who had grabbed the second person by the collar, roared with choicest expletives? How dare you come in front of us this way. You guys are lucky that Abdul is around here to save you.. or else Santu and me, Moidu and Raaghu would have pumped bullets in your bodies…"

All of a sudden, the door bang opened with a thud!  He was pushed aside by two guys who just ventured in with .45 and .32 super Colt pistols.

The three intruders just hung their heads in shame. Abdul and others were surprised. Who are theses goons ?" Santu scratched his head.

"Welcome Kabeer Bhai, Ibrahim Bhai" uttered Pradeep in a delightful tone. He was very happy about the timely entry of this peace keeping force!

Abdul knew these guys. He remembered meeting them in Manjeshwar at a party of Kaasargod Mani’s friend’s house!!

 Whaw!!great indeed! Mani and Xavier Bhai are really shrewd! They have thought well in advance of Santu and brigades’  forthcoming mischiefs.

" Hey.. All three of you…out.. Tell Kuppe Swamy to call me..C’mon?out.. I do not want to see you here any more.." Kabeer’s  voice roared in the midst of pin drop silence. All of them were dumbstruck. Santu held his head in hands. He was just thinking of the situation where he would have been, had he shot these guys with his gun?

Every one around were ashamed to the hilt.

"Salaam Kabeer bhai , Ibrahim Bhai" Abdul broke the silence. "We are sorry for the incident. It was really a saving grace that you guys came in at the right time. Or else?

"Abdul?we were told to keep an eye on you guys by Xavier saab and Kasargod Mani, when Santu is around..things are bound to go wrong always" Ibrahim spat while resting his gun in his trousers. Santu looked at the ceiling.

The trio were terribly sorry for the incidents. Moidu gave back one of the guy’s gun. All three were bleeding profusely,  appearing as if they had shot for an ad for Kissan tomato ketchup.

Pradeep asked them to freshen up and leave. "Friends,  please be careful, there could be police among  the crowd in the dance bar. Please walk out after cleaning your blood stains…" he gestured aloud and called in his waiters to help them to the washroom. He seemed delighted.

Never ever thought that  Ibrahim and Kabeer will be  around for the rescue operation.

"Just sit around here and relax. Do not venture out now. There will be police outside" Ibrahim gave them warning.

"Well, Ibrahim Bhai.. Thank you very much for the help!  Please lead us to safety to our rooms. We may have to leave the place by day break. We are awaiting orders from Xavier saab and may continue our journey towards another destination!"

Ibrahim and Kabeer both smiled and gestured them to sit down and gulp down the spirit. They both instructed the waiters to clean up the mess and ventured out. " We will talk tomorrow morning, today after an hour, our man Sunder will come with his vehicle and drive you back to your house. Cheer up, guys?winked Ibrahim and left. Kabeer also showed the thumbs up sign and winked at Santu mischievously and left!

All heaved a sigh of relief! Moidu Kutty grasped his Bacardi and went back to what he was doing earlier. Abdul did not give back Santu’s gun. He fixed it around his waist in his trousers. Santu was speechless. He was being cajoled by Kalia Vishu to just relax and drink. Vishu had the uncanny habit of playing a soothsayer once the situation calms down!

" Listen, Guys…We have to thank Kabeer Bhai and Ibrahim Bhai for the rescue operation. Or else we would have been behind bars by now. Just hang around for an hour or so, then we will be able to move as the crowd moves out. All shook their heads in the affirmative…

To be continued…

Author: Donald DSilva- Mumbai

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